4 Tips to Be an Effective IT Manager

Making the transition from a hands-on technical role to management isn’t always an easy move. Managers have a very different skill set than their employee counterparts. But can you learn good management techniques to make the switch in your career easier? If you want to know the ways to be a more effective IT manager, here are our top tips.

How Happy is Your Workplace?

The most successful companies know that the key to prosperity is employee engagement. Employees who are dissatisfied with their work situations are not as likely to contribute their full potential to the jobs and often leave some aspects of their work completely undone. There are far more benefits to keeping your workforce happy than allowing them to go through the motions. Here are some of the ways a happy workforce can benefit your organization.

4 Tips for Creating the Best Finance Resume

It may come as a surprise, but there is no single formula for writing the perfect resume. Imagine a world where everyone submits identical resumes, except for one person whose resume is unique. Which person do you think the recruiter will call? Finance jobs don’t seem like the environment for a lot of creative design, but that makes it more important than ever to stand out among your competition. Here are 4 tips for your financial resume.

Top 5 Candidate Traits Recruiters Look For

Recruiters, both in agency and corporate environments, are often the first line of defense between you and the job you want. Understanding what it is a recruiter is looking for will help you gain their favor and be considered for open positions. Before you engage with a recruiter to help you find your next job, consider working on these traits to help you stand out from your competition.

The 6 Most In-Demand IT Skills

Now that we’re a couple of months into 2016, analysts are seeing several trends in the information technology industry that can help candidates focus their careers and find their next job. Some skills seem to be rising to the top in terms of organizational needs and professional development. If you want to ensure that you are marketable, consider adding any of these top skills to your resume this year.

The 4 People You Need to Hire to Grow Your Business

To grow a successful business you need the right people in the right seats. Regardless of how good you are at your job or what industry you’re in, there are key roles that need to be filled to help your company succeed. So, when you’re getting your company off the ground, who do you need to focus on to ensure that you have the right team in place? Here are some key roles to consider.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Financial Candidates in an Interview

Are your interview strategies really finding you the very best financial candidates? You may be surprised to learn that some of your tried and true interview questions are missing the mark. The cost of a bad hire is exponential, so avoiding a negative situation is far preferable than starting the process over again. Start with the interviewing process to ensure that you are screening the most qualified candidates for your open financial positions. Here are 5 interview questions that can help you drill down and only hire the best.

How to Answer the Top 5 Interview Questions

Interviewing can be the most difficult, and stressful, part of the job search process. You feel like you’re on display at the zoo with parades of people stopping by to gawk at you. But the interview is an important part of the process as it allows both you and the hiring company to learn more about one another. Preparing for the most challenging questions will help you ace the interview and land the job. Here are the top 5 toughest interview questions and how you can answer them.

Career Shift: How to Transition to IT Management

Are you considering a transition into management as a part of your IT career path? Depending on your background up to this point, whether you’re still in school or you’ve been working in technology for years, you may have to cultivate a few new skills to ensure that you have what it takes to become great management material. Here are some things to consider when you’re making the transition into IT management.

How to Build Your Perfect Team

A strong team in the office could very well be the key to success. As a manager, how do you ensure that your team works well together, can continue to grow and learn, and is empowered to make important decisions at the right times? It starts with hiring the right people but it doesn’t stop there. Strong management means continuously encouraging your employees. Here are some ideas to maintaining a strong team in your business.

Top 5 Cover Letter Tips for Your Next Finance Job

If you have never sent a cover letter for an open financial position, now is the time to start. Cover letters are often viewed as an unnecessary formality but that belief is entirely false. Hiring managers and recruiters do look at cover letters and they give job seekers an additional opportunity to make a case for themselves. Even if you prefer to work with numbers, being able to effectively communicate your skills in writing is critical throughout your career. Here are some tips for writing the best cover letter to land your next financial job.

Technology Takeover: The Top 5 Jobs of 2016

A recent Glass Door survey has ranked the top jobs in 2016. What was most interesting to us upon review of the results was the common thread running through all of the top careers: technology. Glass Door used factors such as earning potential and career opportunities to rank the best jobs for this year. Let’s take a look at the top 5.

What To Do (And Not Do) To Rock Your Next IT Interview

Are you ready to get that IT job offer? If so, there is no better time than the present to get your interviewing skills sharpened and ready for your first test as a potential employee. Trust us, they already like your skills and think you have something to bring to the table, or they wouldn’t have called you from your resume. So now it is time to wow them and make sure they know they can’t be successful without you on their team. Here are the things you should, and shouldn’t, do on your next interview.

Develop These 5 Interpersonal Skills to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

The employment world is always talking about soft skills. But what exactly are soft skills? They are the interpersonal skills that make you effective at working in a team or help you achieve your goals. Some of them, like good communication skills, will go on your resume while others are strictly part of your inherent personality. As you develop your career, consider focusing on these soft skills to make yourself the best you can be.

Actuary Jobs By the Numbers

If you’re numbers oriented, you’ve probably wondered what kinds of careers you can qualify for in the future. Have you considered a role as an actuary? If you’ve never thought of it before, or if you’ve never even heard the term, here is a quick primer to help you decide if an actuarial job is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at the requirements, functions, and potential for actuaries.

Increase Employee Engagement with These 4 Tips

Effective management is about so much more than delegating tasks and following up with your employees. As a leader, it is your role to ensure that your employees are happy, engaged, and motivated. Every member of your team is different, so how do you accomplish this task and boost employee engagement for everyone, even with their different personalities? Here are some of the things you can do in your position as manager to help boost employee engagement.

Essential Soft Skills for IT Managers

A background in technology isn’t the only experience that will make a person successful as an IT manager. There are a variety of skills that are necessary for someone to succeed in a leadership role. Before you decide to advance your career into the management arena, here are some personal skills you need to cultivate.

4 Reasons You Must Include a Cover Letter

Recruiters and hiring managers have noticed a trend over the last few years. Fewer candidates are sending cover letters with their resumes. They may hastily pound out an email to inform that the resume is attached, but that isn’t the same thing. While the recruiting industry often says a resume is your first impression, in truth there is an earlier step. A cover letter introduces your resume and gives it context. It can be the real make or break moment for your job search. So why do you need a cover letter? Here are the reasons it could change everything for you.

FinTech in 2016: How Technology is Changing the Finance World

Technology is touching every industry today. Even finance and accounting has its own aspect of technology, often referred to as FinTech. Experts believe there will be big changes in FinTech and the way money is exchanged throughout 2016. Familiar online money transfer sites like PayPal began the FinTech revolution and the industry will only continue to grow. Here are some of the trends that are expected this year.

3 Ways to Find the Right Networking Group

You’ve heard it dozens of times, “You should join a networking group.” But even if you’re one of the most extroverted people in the world, you may still need a push to help you find a group that is best suited to your need. Not every networking group is created equal. And while it may be useful to try as many as possible, it is not very practical. So how can you find the right networking group for you? Here are some tips to get you started.

Top Industries for IT Jobs in 2016

Are you in the market for a new tech job in 2016? Thinking outside the box can help you find an opportunity that is perfectly suited to your background and career goals. There are many potential ways to help you achieve your goals this year, and not all of them are what you think of as traditional IT jobs. Here are the 8 top industries that are hiring IT professionals this year.

Should You Make a Lateral Job Move? Pros and Cons

Not every move you make in your career is going to be up the corporate ladder. There are times when a lateral move will be critical for your success. For instance, if you find yourself just off the career path you want to follow you may find the ability to adjust course right within your current organization. But there are other cases where making that lateral move can be detrimental to your career growth. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of making this kind of career move.

5 Soft Skills Every Financial Advisor Must Have

Have you considered a career as a financial advisor? You may be graduating from college this year or you may already be in the financial industry but want a change of pace. Financial advising can be rewarding and challenging. So what are the qualities that employers look for in a superstar financial advisor? You may be surprised to learn that knowledge about finances is only one small piece of the puzzle for success. But you can incorporate these soft skills to boost your experience and be ready for the right job.

New Year, New Goals: Making a Career Change in 2016

Does the New Year mean a new career? For many people, the transition into 2016 will kick start them on a path to find a new job, or just improve the one they have. So what kinds of new career resolutions can you make this year? And, more importantly, how can you be sure to keep them. Without further ado, here are 10 resolutions to consider in the New Year and what you can do to make them happen.

5 IT Certifications to Take Your Career to the Next Level

If you’ve been in the IT industry for any amount of time, or you’re just thinking about joining up, there are a few things that will help you advance your career. Certifications have been the cornerstone of the ever-evolving field of technology since the very beginning. If you want to earn more money or get that next promotion consider these IT certifications that can help you stay on top of your competition.

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